What salon and spa owners need to know about client loyalty

We all know that loyal clients are the best! It’s so important to build a loyal client base, especially today when people are jumping between salons looking for the cheapest deal. Client loyalty is all about attracting the right clients, getting them to buy, buy often, and bring other clients through your salon or spa door.

“There is a big difference between a satisfied customer and a loyal customer. Never settle for satisfied.” Shep Hyken

Why is client loyalty so important?

Having loyal clients can pay off in many different ways:

  • Loyal clients spend more over time and generate more revenue
  • They love hearing from you and are more likely to respond to offers
  • They are 70% more likely to share your business with others
  • The probability of selling to an existing client is 60-70%.

Did you know that it can cost 6-7 times more to acquire a new client than retain an existing one? That’s why you need to hold on to clients once they come through your salon or spa door. And the best way to do this is to develop a loyalty marketing strategy that aims to turn new clients into loyal clients.

How can you turn new clients into loyal clients?

Make it happen with these tips:

1. Find out who and why

The first step in building your client loyalty is to make sure you know who your target market is and why you’re targeting them. You can’t be everything to everyone! Ask yourself who’s your ideal client and what are you doing to appeal to them? What does my salon or spa offer that is unique and appealing to my ideal clients?

“When you attempt to be known for everything, you don’t become known for anything.”

In marketing speak this is known as unique selling proposition (USP). Deciding on your USP is probably one of the most important business
decisions you can make. It’ll make everything easier if you can make your salon or spa stand out from the crowd! Keep an eye on our blog in the New Year where we’ll do a post on developing your USP and look at some of our customers whose salons and spas are truly unique.

2. Set success measures and what it takes to get there

A little bit of time each month is all you need to see where there could be weaknesses in your client loyalty. Kitomba makes it easy to look at your key client loyalty metrics with Star Clients. Whether you want to track your most common services and products or set incentives for your staff, Star Clients offers a visual snapshot of your client relationships. You’ll see your clients in a different light and gain an immediate impression on how to increase their value. Learn more about how to set up Star Clients with our mini guide.

 3. Encourage rebooking

You’re the expert and you know when your client should return so that they can maintain the look you’ve helped them achieve. Let your clients know when they need to see you again – you can even incorporate it into your service. Check out these great sales and rebooking tips.

What salon and spa owners need to know about client loyalty

4. Enhance the client experience

Make sure your clients have the best experience! A ‘totally satisfied client’ will contribute 2.6 times the revenue as a ‘somewhat satisfied

client’! Create a truly amazing client experience where your clients feel special and can’t wait to return. The secret weapon to create an awesome client experience is to have all your staff get behind it. If your staff get behind your loyalty program then you will see success!

 5. Rewards that work

Your loyalty rewards should be appealing and encourage clients to come back so they can redeem and earn more loyalty points. There’s lots of ways you can create a reward system that works. Check out our ideas:

  • Create a rewards system that encourages clients to come back and earn more points. For example, after earning ‘X’ amount of points, your client could receive a free treatment or a voucher to redeem on anything they want.
  • Reward those loyal clients who save up their loyalty points with something really special. How about a VIP night for your client and 2 friends? These more ‘valuable’ rewards will show just how much you love your loyal clients and develop that relationship further.
  • Reward loyal clients with a special product offer. For example, if a client has earned ‘X’ amount of points then they are entitled to a free product upgrade when they purchase ‘Y’ product.
  • Encourage referrals! People trust recommendations from their friends. So why don’t you incentivise referrals and reward clients who have referred a friend.

6. A loyalty solution

Kitomba’s loyalty programme gives your clients one more reason to keep coming back. It’s easy to use and clients will automatically gain points on services and products. If you’re not already using Kitomba’s loyalty programme, find out how you can set it up using our mini guide.

 “Customer satisfaction is a rating. Loyalty is a brand.” Shep Hyken

A loyal client is the one of the most valuable assets a salon or spa can have. Move away from just creating ‘satisfied’ clients and start building up your loyal clients and you’ll be guaranteed to see success!


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