Do you want to know what changed her salon business for the better?

I discussed with a successful client of mine the reason/s she attributes to her current success…

Here’s her answer…

“I stumbled along for many years just getting by, I thought I knew all there was to know about running a business and, well, I just accepted that everything I knew – I was doing, so it must be outside forces causing my salon to just survive and I often looked at other businesses around me doing the same which just confirmed I had my lot and had to accept it. (They weren’t fairing any better that me!)”

“But then, I saw a couple of other salons doing really well in my area… And that got me thinking… why? Why if everything is equal are they doing so much better than the rest of us who are struggling to find the next client, who are always looking for new team members, and who as the owner are doing most of the work in the salon just to survive?”

“And then an opportunity was presented to me… I was at an industry event and had the opportunity to talk with one of the successful ones… so I asked him what was his secret… And do you know what he told me…. And it’s not what you may think!”

I asked my client to explain- “What was it that you were told that had such a significant impact on your business and life?”

She said – “One word Malcolm… Education!” “Yes that one word changed my business and life forever… I learnt never ever assume that you know everything and never ever believe that you are doing everything right, always believe that you are a student of business, continuing to learn, try, adapt, and grow… So education was the catalyst of my change.”

“I went out and booked into any course I could, I hired an awesome business coach (guess who that is??) and I got rid of the mindset that I knew it all and anything different to what I was doing was futile… Once I realised I didn’t know what I didn’t know, and opened my mind up to learning, my salon changed, I got better quality clients, I got better quality staff, I also got more time off and a healthier bank balance… All because of that one word ‘Education’ ”

I asked her what 2 or 3 things, in her opinion does a salon owner today have to do to become successful?…

Her answer:

1, Change your attitude and mindset, it’s that that was holding my salon back, once I realised that and changed, then my business became easier to run.

2, Hire a business coach, but not just anyone – chose someone who knows this industry inside out. (She did suggest you talk to me but that would just be selfless, shameless promotion wouldn’t it! )

3, Attend any business courses that are offered, especially ones that are industry specific, you’ll always pick up 6 or 7 things that you can take back to the salon to implement that work.

4, (a bonus one) Always measure the results (and test if you can too) you need to know that the changes you are making are worth it.

There it is in a nutshell, the salon owners guide to success… Education, Business Education! Learn how to do it different & better and enjoy the fruits of your new-found knowledge.

So hopefully after reading this you will have the idea that ‘Educate Yourself’ is an essential business building strategy…

No one and I mean NO ONE actually knows it all… And that includes you, so get out of the salon, book some courses and seminars and workshops and learn some new ways of doing business… And perhaps you can be a success story here to.



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