There’s one question I just keep getting asked…

… and here it is…

“Malcolm, how can I make more money and more importantly how can I lessen the stress of owning my salon?”

So if you ever ask yourself this question, I can talk with you about this in depth over a coffee someday, but here’s the skinny:

Every salon owner that I talk to has this question! And the answer is simple but we as salon owners complicate it – why? Well because we THINK it must be difficult.

So the answer is to stop OVER-THINKING and start taking ACTION. Most salon owners are running their business by the seat of their pants… Oh don’t get me wrong, they know what they’re doing when it comes to clients… they are the stars… they take more clients than their team (‘cos they’re more popular) they sell them more products, they re-book more too but what they seem to struggle with is actually making the transition from on the floor busy bee salon owner to a relaxed, plenty of time to have a life and enjoy the benefits of salon ownership salon owner...

You might have even have friends that own salons ask: “What do you know about getting out of the rut?” (You may be asking yourself that question lately too)

Well in my mind you’ve got 2 choices: You can continue to be the main earner in the salon and struggle to run the other parts of your business and just keep afloat…whilst your team continue to have a free ride and let you do it…


You can make some well adjusted changes to what you have been and currently are doing to ensure you get a different result and you can get yourself organised and plan for the future.

In my experience this is where it all goes pear shaped, and do you know why… its because we are unsure of what to do that will make the difference. There’s an old saying that goes… If you don’t know where you’re going, who knows, you may already be there!

OR – If you fail to plan, you plan to fail! The secret to change is to firstly recognise that that you have been doing is not


working that well for what you really want – AND to acknowledge that perhaps its time to change…

But…. what do I need to do Malcolm?

One Word Answer: PLAN.

Every salon that I have worked with makes a commitment to plan and they quickly see the results of their planning. They recognise the importance of identifying just what it is that they want to achieve in the next 12 months and then sit down and break the year down into 4 easy to work periods. (Yes they need some help with their plan but once they commit it they achieve it.)

It is well known that bite sized pieces are the best way to eat an elephant and it’s no different when it comes to planning…

Remember, to get a different result this year over last, you need to change your thinking and your actions. Planning is one of the secrets to achieving your desired outcomes, coupled with strategy and commitment so I’m going to start the ball rolling by asking for your commitment right now… commit to yourself to facilitate change in your business…

Here’s what you need to do: 

  1. Make a promise to yourself that the next 12 months is going to be different (better) than the last.
  2. Commit to periodically taking yourself out of the salon to allow a fresh thought pattern and change of view.
  3. Clicking this link to see how you can get assistance with the changes you need to make
  4. Take decisive action and stop procrastinating – It really isn’t as difficult as you may be thinking.

OK… That’s it for this time, as a famous sports brand say’s… Just Do………. IT!

Oh and one last thing:

If you’ve been thinking it’s about time you committed to change for a while now, and want some help actually doing it, then you should click here and contact me for a chat.


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