The ugly truth about why most salon owners aren’t getting ahead in their salons!

It’s because they’re tied to their chairs and not thinking strategically; Luckily I have the solution…

Short Version:

For those who don’t want to read all that text below, here’s a summary:

There’s a problem salon owners are experiencing – they’re not getting ahead in business nor living the lifestyle they thought they’d have owning a salon – and that bugs the shite out of me!

They feel tied to their chair (or beauty bed) and their clients, they’re too tired at the end of the day to do any business planning, or they just don’t know how or where to start.

The solution is to get out from behind the chair (or bed) where you’re making pennies and start making strategic choices and decisions to create pounds $$.

Contact me for a chat and I’ll show you how.

Long Version:

The salon owners I work with all have a common ground issue, they’re feeling tied behind their chair (or beauty bed) and don’t know how to get out of that bind.

Most tell me they want to create a lifestyle of balance and freedom by owning their own salon but then I see them setting about doing the exact opposite in their actions.

I see salon owners sabotaging their dreams and plans every day by not looking at the big picture and developing a plan through strategy and tactics to really get them results they’re looking for.

Take an example of a recent client of mine where we had the conversation around understanding where her business really is in terms of what she wanted out of it – the simple truth was, although having all the information she needed to make great business decisions in front of her, she was too busy doing haircuts (busy being busy) to actually sit down and analyse it for the betterment of her business. My father called that sort of behaviour, penny rich, pound poor – where it was far easier for her to spend an hour with a client doing a cut and blowave taking say $85 than using that hour to analyse and develop a plan to increase the salons takings by $1000 per week, or $48,000 per year… actual numbers for her case… easily!

Now the missing link for her was the knowledge of not only what to analyse, but how to build the bridge between the analysis and the actions she would need to take to create this new found money spinner inside the salon. As a client of mine we’re working together on her plan to bring it all together over the coming weeks.

If you feel you need a rev up in your business, some inspiration, growth ideas, practical how to’s and loads of fun and interaction, contact me for a chat and I will point you in the right direction for you.


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