The Folly of Online Courses

They think the answers are probably ‘on the internet’ somewhere, and spend endless hours scrolling around looking for answers, checking with uncle google… there are literally thousands of business courses available and specific salon ones too, and many people dive in and purchase these courses only to have them sit idle on their computers after just one or two sections – and this is a complete waste of money and time and unfortunately worse – their business continues to flounder because they aren’t gaining the knowledge they need to move their salon forward.

So the issue is that there isn’t a lack of information and answers to their problems, I see it as a twofold issue… in fact there is way too much information available on the internet and that causes confusion and overwhelm leading to procrastination, secondly if you do manage to wade through and decide on a course of action by purchasing a course there is no accountability for you to stay on track and complete the exercises involved. Sure we start with great intentions, after all we’ve just bought the answers haven’t we… so we rip into the first lesson and then maybe even the second, but very soon the wheels start to fall off, because it’s on your computer you can get back to it when you get time can’t you?, as life at the moment is just busy, I don’t really have time to do that module… sound familiar?

You are not alone if this is sounding like you, the majority of people who purchase online courses don’t finish them, so of course 12 months on we’re no further ahead in our knowledge or business. As Tyler Basu explains in his column on “the demand for online courses has grown to a $255 billion industry (in 2017)“ He further explains “Yet as thousands of people and companies have begun to create and sell online courses in response to this demand, we’ve simultaneously watched online course completion rates reach an alarming low”. A recent study by Katy Jordan a respected education and technology researcher, estimates the average completion rate to be as low as 15%.

A whopping 85% of us purchasing online courses are not completing them! SO clearly that is not the answer to increasing our knowledge or business results.

My belief is (and I’ve long held this belief) that there is no accountability factor for the 85% of us!

That is why I believe that you need a coach who can hold you accountable to really make a change in your business, who can get you on track towards your A Grade Business.

Contact me to find out more details if you are ready to really make a change in your business.


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