I have been working with Malcolm and I really enjoy talking with him, our conversations always give me plenty to think about. I got some direction on HOW to grow my clientele, simple advice, but I think I'd got so bogged down on what seemed to be a difficult task, that I couldn't come up with a plan for achieving it.

I can see the (future) benefits of being consistent and having a plan now, instead of being "floaty", hoping for the best while going with the flow and seeing how everything will work out. I probably won't get great results with that type of business plan!

Plus I'm also surprised at how doable turning over $4k+ a week can be! Knowing your numbers are REALLY important, and that I need to regularly review and revisit these to keep track of how my business is doing. Having the percentages as a guide for turnover vs expenses etc is going to be very helpful for now and the future. I was way under/overestimating most of mine!

Also since working with Malcolm I've started to change my mindset around how I deal with my clients...looking for the opportunities that are already in my chair, so to speak, making a concerted effort to recommend retail, come up with a future plan for each of them, etc, etc.

One of the biggest things I got out of our talks is the importance of following systems. They will help me to get the most out of each client in my chair, plus help me to do my job better, which I always strive for.

Also, the fact that the most successful stylist isn't the best with scissors but the best with following a system for success is quite a stand out for me. I have always thought that to be the best, I need to focus on my skills with my scissors, but I also need to focus developing skills as a business owner. I can also see that in my downtime and days off I'll be quite busy setting myself up to do this consistently!

I like Malcolm’s suggestion for helping each client better than I could the day before (or pre- learning about your two-step consultation). I'm really good at beating myself up when I do something "wrong", but I'm trying to be kinder towards myself, and when I look at this like a new skill or habit that I'm developing, and that even a bad 2-step consult is better than what I was doing before, I feel less guilty plus I get good results...win-win! Malcolm’s consultation process has already helped me push past the fear of selling and helped me 16x my retail sales in a week – and I am still learning it! I can’t wait till I get even better!