I knew knowing my salon figures were important....but I was lost on where to look and what steps to take once I had them. Malcolm taught me what figures I need to look at and how to break them down and turn them into and action to see where we can improve!

Malcolm also enlightened me about Marketing for the salon and how important it is to track and measure the results.

"I'm running a business" yes! I'm also a stylist, a professional, a friend. Malcolm highlighted the importance to LEAD to not only be responsible for my work, but to encourage and coach my staff to stay on track and to grow.

No control of my business, structure, confidence as an owner, ability to reach my business goals, leader to my team....Before Malcolm's 6 week programme this was ME! I now have the tools to over come my weaknesses within my business. It is me who has the power to change my business outcome, I am the one accountable.

Malcolm is an amazing business coach but not only that...he taught me that my business will not flourish until I commit and follow through in all aspect of my business goals. Thank you Malcolm!