Shout out to Malcolm Gibbons who is an incredible coach! He was relatable, easy to understand and just gets it.

I just did his 6-week pilot program to help Salon Owners gain more control & freedom, and it was a business changer. I get it now! I had alot of aha moments which was amazing. He didn't talk down to me and was patient in those moments that it took time to 'click" and if I didn't quite get it he tried a different way of going over it and adapted to the way I learn.

Before the program I was confused about my financials, with thoughts of I should know this but I don't. Why don't I get it, why can't I understand this? What difference would it make if I did get it? I now get it! I now have the tools and knowledge to do the numbers and actually know what it means and what that impact has. I can focus on the results I want and how I'm going to get it. I am focused, in control again and can't wait for 2022.

I absolutely recommend Malcolm, whether you just need someone to keep you accountable or you need a total 'revamp' of your business mind he is outstanding.