Business life before working with Malcolm was very chaotic and disorganized. We didn’t have systems in place to help things run smoothly.

Malcolm has a humble and kind approach that pushes you to improve and be accountable, but doesn’t push too hard if you need to go at a different pace. Working with him was very easy!

Malcolm helped us progress to putting systems in place which helped us to stay organized and on top of ordering before it became an issue. With his guidance we were able to hire a salon coordinator to help manage those new systems. We also pleased to report good growth in sales and income.

Many of the tools Malcolm provided were very useful. I found it extremely helpful just knowing what numbers and key performance indicators to even monitor! Because of this and the work we’ve done together we have seen an increase in our sales to which amounts to approximately a 15% increase overall.

We now have a salon that runs more autonomously, which was a goal. It feels much better, knowing systems are in place to help keep it running without me. It also feels good knowing now that we can improve on areas that are more fun to me than the basics.

In summary, working with Malcolm gave me the benefit of helping me take small steps at a time that were accomplishable and directly working towards my goals. I wasn’t necessarily heading in a straight line towards my goals before, and his coaching helped to straighten out that course and expedite it. If you have the ability to invest a little bit of time and money into coaching with Malcolm, it will pay for itself in income as well as your own peace of mind.