Wow my first session with Malcolm! Boom! we had a great chat & he really made me think outside of my "safe" box. Our conversation about advertising/marketing inspired me to have the guts to follow through with things I might think about saying but wouldn't dare to speak out loud. After our session I will now most defiantly be putting those "dare not" words onto paper. Ready to tick off my advertising goal! Thanks Malcolm

Malcolm’s coaching conversations have made me think about the words I might use to normally describe something and to not be afraid to get out side of my comfort zone in this area. He has made me look deeper into the things I do out of habit that actually don't serve or benefit me in a positive way, I am now fully inspired to change my bad habits of my past.

Malcolm helps me really think about all the tools available through the different platforms that I don't put enough time into utilizing or using to the extent I could. He has inspired me to explore these platforms more and I realized that there are options that can save me huge amounts of time and are also very beneficial to my business.

Malcolm makes me realize that all though I had not had time to tick off all the tasks I had set out to achieve on my list (& was kicking myself about it ) without being aware until I spoke with him, I had actually set in motion some unlisted goals . I had achieved more than I gave myself credit for in other areas of my business and it is a timely reminder to celebrate the little wins.

Malcolm’s knowledge about the retail side of business is legendary. He showed me how beneficial this can be to profit margins. He reminded me how crucial it is as a business owner to make sure you keep up to-date with where your percentages are sitting, I realized this is an area I have not given enough attention to & that this can always be improved on even if it is just a small improvement it can be hugely beneficial .
I needed that reminder and a good kick up the backside!

So all in all Malcolm is an amazing coach!, he has so many tips and tricks up his sleeve all of which are practical and super easy to implement.
Even if you don't think you need help he will most defiantly find things that can be worked on to better benefit you & your business.
He really made me think about many aspects of my business & I soon realized there were so many areas I could improve.
He is a wealth of knowledge for all things business, I would highly recommend working with Malcolm.