Before I started working with Malcolm I had worked in salons for many years but was never put into a management position, and most definitely had never owned a business before, so I was in for a steep learning curve.

Business started well but there were a few areas that I was having trouble with. I was generally feeling out of my depth at times with being a new boss with one employee who I was struggling to motivate.

Having very little managerial skills learning how to get the best out of my staff member was one of my biggest challenges. Malcolm taught me ways to work around different personalities in order to get the very best out of my staff in order to get a more harmonious working environment.

Since giving me some new tools to tackle this problem head on I have managed to motivate my staff member, and now feel that I have the necessary skill to take on future staff knowing that I can deal with all types of personalities.

We have covered many topics since working with Malcolm but he made me realize that I was doing many things right, and made me see that you can’t do everything so not to sweat the small stuff.

Malcolm made me look at my services and making my clientele aware of all that my business provides. This has increased turnover and opened up a once previously closed market.

Overall my experience working with Malcolm has been invaluable and I have learnt some great and very helpful things in many areas of business. Having many years within the salon field in areas of ownership and management Malcolm’s advice comes from a wealth of knowledge.