I met Malcolm at a time of most need, they say that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear and that was certainly the case for me.

I was struggling with managing my own clientele, organising appointments, taking care of stock issues, accounting, marketing (such as it was!) and basically chasing myself around in circles and getting further and further behind every day. (Don’t tell me you can’t identify with that!)

My business was going downhill, my staff-members were at each other’s throats and without being too melodramatic about it – we were all at a stage of killing each other!

Suffice to say I was at my wits end and wondering how was I going to ever see light at the end of the tunnel. I knew I needed help because I had tried everything that I knew and knew that I needed a fresh perspective. I had become very stale and tired within the five years I had been in business.

I discovered Malcolm and first off he helped with ideas and gave me support in getting my team to work harmoniously together. He worked through each of our strengths and weaknesses, and also our personality traits so we all understood each other a lot better. Now we focus on each other’s strengths and appreciate the differences we have as people and things are much better in that department.

Malcolm also helped me make sense of my marketing, in fact he actually got me doing things and not procrastinating. He helped us compete in today’s Salon marketplace with innovative ideas and suggestions that put extra money in the till.

He also helped us recognise the importance of setting goals which has helped contribute to our renewed success. It is so refreshing to be able to pay the bills ON TIME without having to make arrangements to pay them off.

Malcolm has definitely helped with my bottom line profitability and I really appreciate that.