Malcolm became my mentor as I was needing some help with my Freelance Hair & Make Up Business. I was loosing motivation as I was struggling to find continual work. It seemed no matter what I thought of and how hard I tried I couldn’t find the work I needed to keep me going financially.

I was giving up hope on my career choice and knew I needed help and fast! I tried one mentor who just didn’t quite understand me or my business, or maybe we just didn’t click, so I let him go and that’s when I met Malcolm, my life saver!!!

He had such great knowledge of my style of work and business needs, related to me well person to person so our conversations were easy, and I felt I could be very honest with him, not be judged and all his advise and strategy plans helped in ways I just didn’t see coming!

Everything he suggested for me that I did, all gave me break through moments! I have now reached goals I didn’t believe I would, developed my business skills and extended my client base so much more than I ever would have otherwise. I went from about one job a week to around 5 jobs a week. I’m now moving overseas to pursue my Freelance Hair & Make Up Career and I’m certain without his mentoring help I would not believe I would survive over there starting from scratch, all that he teaches does really work! No Ifs, buts or maybes! The best mentor I could have wished for!