I have been in the beauty industry for quite some time now and worked in multiple clinics which has been able to provide me with extensive experience as a therapist. However, deciding on going into business was a huge step for me and not having a business background or experience had me feeling like I was treading on thin ice from day one.

My big challenge was learning how to manage the business in all areas. A big one for me was understanding the financials and accounting side of running a business, as well as staff management and increasing staff productivity.

Staff management is always a tricky one and learning how to drive them to perform at levels required to have a successful business. I had difficulty putting my foot down and taking charge and being a boss rather than a friend.

Working with Malcolm, I find him very understanding and I can feel comfortable to ask for help with any situation. He always gives a very honest opinion with any ideas I put forward and constantly keeps my mind ticking with creative ideas he throws at me. I love the fact after each session with Malcolm I feel calm, relaxed, in control and buzzing with ideas!

Malcolm always knows exactly how it is and is able to give advice from his knowledge and previous experiences.

After spending a bit of time with Malcolm assessing my business plan, I now have a clearer path as to the direction i would like to take my clinic. This has hugely relieved me of a lot of time stressing as I can now use my energy to focus on and achieve what we need to in order to get to where we want to go.

Also - I now understand a lot more of the financial side which has helped me to feel at ease knowing exactly where we stand.

I now have more knowledge and understanding of business and that definitely has helped me feel a lot more confident. I also now have a great team whom are motivated and willing to go the extra to achieve what we want to.