I have had my salon for 6 years and have been going along OK, but have felt the crunch of the economic situation over the past 2 years; I also lacked a real focus.

I wasn’t at all focused on the finances, what I wanted was to get a much better understanding of what I was spending and, more importantly – why. I also needed to learn how to come up with effective strategies to continue providing a high standard of service to retain our salon clients.

I found it quite challenging digging through the figures and understanding just how to increase my bottom line. It was in this area which I always just glanced over, not really taking much notice.

My meetings with Malcolm concentrated me on the points I needed to discuss, we set goals and worked through my weaker areas to get answers. Together we would come up with a plan for me follow up on between our meetings.

Malcolm has valuable experience in the Hair industry and I enjoyed the fact that he had already done, trialed, succeeded and failed in the things I wanted to know about, this experience was extremely helpful and saved me time as I didn’t have to go through the same.

With Malcolm's help, I was able to put plans and strategies in place that covered all the aspects of my business that I needed, particularly in promotions, we worked on staff competitions, Facebook (online) and systems and also salon presentation.

Consequently my salon is now much more organised and I have a much better understanding on what to focus on, and how to do it – this is one of the biggest benefits of having Malcolm’s help for me.

I now know where I’m at, where I’m going and most importantly, how I’m going to get there.