Shout out to Malcolm Gibbons who is an incredible business coach.

I just did his 6-week pilot program to help Salon Owners gain more control & freedom, and I've done exactly that. I now have an effective framework tailored for running my business, that fits into my life, and a plan for growth that I can easily track.

Malcolm's coaching was incredibly rewarding, as he helped me see the big picture for my business, as well as zoom in on specific problems with really practical solutions when I was feeling stuck.

In the incredibly challenging business environment of lockdown, I'm now feeling in control, positive and excited for the future again.

Malcolm helped me work on articulating my Why, which I've struggled with for years. "We are an education based clinic" has stayed with me, he has also shown me how much work I've already done, which is on my website, that can be used for social media content, and this has boosted my confidence.

He offered really practical help like planning monthly promos to help me get to $40k+ per month.

Malcolm encouraged me to actually write down my homework, which was usually 3 things, and the accountability of that was very motivating.

The reminding and the accountability for everything was great, and paid off massively!

Last but not least Malcolm's compassion when I was all over the place with stress and my daughters naps etc, I can't thank him enough. I do offer the same kind of flexibility when clients cancel and now I know how grateful they must be! Thank you!!!

Would I recommend Malcolm? Absolutely. His coaching/mentoring has been invaluable. Just do it, you won't regret it!