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25 October 2021

The Folly of Online Courses

They think the answers are probably ‘on the internet’ somewhere, and spend endless hours scrolling around looking for answers, checking with uncle google… click below to find out what I think will really help your business succeed
16 September 2021

The Future of an Industry is at Stake!

I’m an industry participant who is noticing a disturbing trend (a phenomena if you like) that has the potential to de-skill, de-value and de-rail an industry, read more to find out what it is...
6 September 2021

The Secret Sauce To Business Success

In this article I’m going to tell you why just setting goals won’t work, and then I’m going to show you what you need to do so that they will work for you, and only then will they work in harmony with you getting what you want – (this is secret sauce to your business success)
27 August 2021

Successful Planning Secrets

So, here’s a question - are you the salon owner who doesn’t plan, or who plans and doesn’t follow it or the salon owner who sticks to the plan and see’s it through? Read more to find out...
17 August 2021

The Secret To Making Your Salon Marketing Efforts Worthwhile!

In this article I’ll give you the insider’s secret to making it worthwhile to do salon marketing. Click to read all about it.
7 August 2021

Building an Unbeatable Plan

Here’s the most common question I get asked by salon owners … “Malcolm, how can I make more money and more importantly how can I reduce the stress of owning my salon?” Click to the article to find out