Events for April 2024

4 November 2021

Q&A With Malcolm Gibbons

We talk with Malcolm Gibbons - Salon Business Coach about what he does and how he achieves salon business success, click to read more
25 October 2021

The Folly of Online Courses

They think the answers are probably ‘on the internet’ somewhere, and spend endless hours scrolling around looking for answers, checking with uncle google… click below to find out what I think will really help your business succeed
28 June 2021

The Bristol Freighter and the Salon

Today as I sit down to write this piece my thoughts go to what am I going to say that will make a difference to hopefully a lot of salon owners – what secret gem can I share that will help move them from where they are to where they want to be? So what am I going to share with you in a short article that could make a huge difference for your business and my thoughts go to the similarities of an old aeroplane and a salon... read more