Events for June 2024

27 August 2021

Successful Planning Secrets

So, here’s a question - are you the salon owner who doesn’t plan, or who plans and doesn’t follow it or the salon owner who sticks to the plan and see’s it through? Read more to find out...
7 August 2021

Building an Unbeatable Plan

Here’s the most common question I get asked by salon owners … “Malcolm, how can I make more money and more importantly how can I reduce the stress of owning my salon?” Click to the article to find out
14 September 2020

The Ugly Truth

The ugly truth about why most salon owners aren't getting ahead in their salons!
29 November 2019

PowerUP Success

The 6th annual PowerUP salon owner planning and networking event took place in Auckland on November 4th at Sorrento in the Park. Run by Salon Business Coach Malcolm Gibbons, this event was attended by over 40 salon owners and managers from all over New Zealand along with various industry suppliers.
6 November 2019

PowerUP for 2020 Photo’s

Images from Salon Business Coach's PowerUP for 2020 planning workshop in Auckland on 04th November 2019.
5 December 2018


PowerUP for 2020 has finished but you can register your details for advanced notification of PowerUP for 2021 when tickets become available:         […]