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There are times when we just need to see our salon through a new set of eyes – as salon owners, sometimes (much of the time) we are caught up in the day to day chaos that is ‘Our Salon’ and we struggle to see what’s right in front of us. There’s a reason we don’t cut our own hair (well most of us anyway!) and it’s because it would go very badly.

It is an amazing experience when you get a new set of eyes on your salon, it opens up wonderful opportunities – better teamwork, more profitability, clients being super loyal, and happier owners.

Most people open their salon not because they love being great at business but because they love what they do which is being great at hairdressing, and because they have a vision. Looking at things through a business lens might be foreign to them but it is second nature to a business coach.

Let’s look at assessing profitability. Whether you are already thriving in your salon or even if you are struggling a bit, if you look at your hair salon through a business lens you can start to not only see where you can make more money, but importantly you get to see how you can keep more of the money you make.Images Magazine Article

I often hear from salon owners that one of the biggest challenges is getting the team to do what you would like them to do. I’m hearing the question – “How do I get my team to do what I say Malcolm?” Well, there’s no way to force them into doing what you say, however learning how to lead your team effectively and putting procedures in place so that you can understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses is imperative. It is also important to create a culture of success for the business as a whole. Both are critical steps to take. The right business coach can help you with that.

If your clients aren’t having the best experience possible from your salon then they are heading for the salon down the road, around the corner or across town to find it… and you know there is plenty of choice for disgruntled clients. Are you giving them the absolute best experience you can in a cost effective way? Remember little things matter… little things that you may have become blind to and your team don’t see either because you are there every day. You become so familiar with your environment you don’t even notice them… things like hair on the skirting boards, dirty light switches, blown light globes, bleach stained towels. I could go on, but the point is no one notices them because we have become so used to being there that we become blind to them. The right coach knows these things and can give you the perspective you need and the guidance to perform at the top of your game at all times.

Ultimately the aim is to run your salon BUSINESS to feed your personal life, not sacrifice your personal life for your business.

It is a common trap that salon owners fall into, of being a servant to the salon because they are not looking at the right indicators and the right areas. Areas where they can ease their ‘pain points’ and free themselves up to lead the active and enjoyable lifestyle they want, and be a great salon owner.

Images MagazineThere are so many things you can do, how do you determine what you need to do? A specialist industry business coach will help you understand what you should be focusing on, rather than just attending to crisis after crisis and day to day dramas. Of course it may seem simple enough to make everything happen like clockwork and it can be simple, but it’s not always easy and that’s why you need to consider bringing a guide on your journey who can help you clear the way.

These are some of my thoughts on a number of ways a salon specific business coach can help you take your salon to the next level – and your life to another level too, in a way that makes complete sense. Instead of trying to handle what comes at you every day and always trying to catch up among the chaos, think about the possibility of a different future for you and your business.

At Salon Business Coach we offer a complimentary, no obligation Discovery Session where we discuss your current business position and highlight some immediate areas for change to start you on the road to success – to book your free session call Malcolm on 021 210 8950 or Click here to schedule your free discovery session

The principle I like to follow in business and in life is simply to give something of value to others, to pay it forward. My passion is helping business owners grow their businesses in outstandingly uncomplicated ways. If you would like to take advantage of one of these free sessions and discuss other coaching possibilities, I’d love to hear from you.

Salon Business Coach
Malcolm Gibbons loves helping salon owners grow their businesses and has an  outstandingly uncomplicated way of doing just that.

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