SalonClub Mastermind

SalonCLUB MasterMind is the exclusive membership only program designed to take your salon from GOOD TO INCREDIBLY PROFITABLE AND SUCCESSFUL. If you think you’ve reached as far as your salon can go, guess again, SALONCLUB WILL TAKE YOUR SALON TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL

Do you qualify?.... SalonCLUB is exclusive in that we don’t accept everyone that wants to join. You have to have a certain level of skill and success to join as this program is designed to take your business from good to great.

Ask yourself these questions before applying:

  1. Have you done everything possible to maximize your business or are there things you know you should do but haven’t?
  2. Are you operating daily at 100% capacity – meaning are you giving your complete efforts in order to maximize the success of your salon?
  3. Do you need something to help you get to a level you know is there, but haven’t been able to reach yourself?
  4. Do you need some support in various areas of your business? Maybe in coaching employees, managing your expenses, discovering new ways to market your business?
  5. Do you know you can take your business to that next level but aren’t sure exactly how to get there?

If you believe you’ve reached your potential but know there is room to grow and expand, then SalonCLUB is the solution that allows you to reach your maximum potential.

This membership is not just an online program; you are joining a club that is truly supported, connected, and acts as a partnership among all members. You will be part of a community that is appreciated and each individual’s needs and issues are addressed completely.

Access to this exclusive group offers:

  • The blueprint for growth in a step-by-step formulated plan customized to your needs that will work
  • Live Question and Answer Sessions
  • Exclusive 24/7 access and support from leading industry experts through email for any questions you have or troubles you might be having
  • The ability to pull out a lot of extra profit you may not know is sitting right in front of you
  • Working sessions that give you critical inside information that only highly successful salon owners know
  • New strategies you can implement that will improve productivity, profitability, and growth both in the long term but also right away.
  • Marketing strategies that work but almost nobody is using in the salon industry that can triple your income
  • Solutions to the process of your salon ensuring that you are operating in a highly efficient and effective way
  • An outline that allows you to build on your existing success and maximize every area of your business from marketing to financial record keeping (there is a TON of profit left on the table if your systems aren’t optimized)
  • An outside third party view of your business to show you things you might be missing. Many times you are “too close” to your business to see them.
  • Access to successful salon owners allowing you to learn from a wide variety of strategies, methods, and techniques proven to be successful
  • Learn the pitfalls you might be landing in without even knowing it (pulling out of these can increase revenue by 50%-150%).

Please ensure you’ve met the qualifications and have identified that there is room for your salon to grow if you have the right goals, systems, and plan for success. And please be sure you are ready to implement the information and material you gain exclusive access to.

SalonClub MasterMind membership is for salon owners that want to truly grow to unprecedented levels and realize the success that is within their reach, if they have the tools that this membership provides.

We want you to succeed; we are committed to achieving your goals, and realize tremendous value in gaining access to this exclusive group.

Who’s SalonCLUB for?


if you have a Hairdressing or Beauty Salon or Spa doing well and you are looking to reach the next level you know is possible, then SalonCLUB is for YOU!

One salon owner increased her business revenue by over 53% (and rising) in 6 months using the tips and strategies you’ll find in the SalonCLUB Sessions!

Jam packed full of everything

- you need to be a successful Hairdressing or Beauty Salon Owner!

In addition to the information and guidance you are going to gain exclusively through SalonCLUB, you will also be given all the material you need!:

You don’t have to create new spreadsheets or documents, this program has everything available for you to easily download and print out including

  • All Workbooks and Worksheets needed for success
  • The Easiest and Most Powerful One Page Business Plan
  • All the Planning Slides – Easily Available 24/7
  • The Planning For Success Audio Program – You can even listen to this program anywhere you want whenever it’s most convenient for you!

Once you see inside this program and the power it has to make your salon more profitable and your life easier, you will be shocked!

I'm so sure you’ll see tremendous results that I’m willing to remove all risk...

Which is why I offer you the…

SalonClub Satisfaction Guarantee!

If for any reason you aren’t happy with the program, don’t see tremendous results, just drop us a line and we’ll immediately stop your payments. No Questions Asked.

So the only risk you take is not taking advantage of my 25 years of experience, the success strategies I’ve pulled and designed to make your life easier and maximize the profit your salon pulls in.

Let’s explore the possibility of working together. If this program sounds exciting and fun then it might be for you.