Learn how you can use proven methods of Salon Success that generate MORE PROFITS, BETTER SYSTEMS, create a LOYAL LIST OF CUSTOMERS, HAPPY TEAM and a LIFESTYLE YOU CHOOSE!

SalonSUCCESS is proven to grow your business fast… from significantly growing your revenue to strategies that will improve your salon and make your life so much easier…

And best of all, it is backed by a 100% Personal Money Back Guarantee. I’m so confident in this program that if your business and life aren't dramatically improved, you pay nothing. No questions asked.
Salon Success 197

In the SalonSUCCESS program, you’re going to have significant breakthroughs that will improve both your salon and your life. In fact, this course has proven time and again to:

  • Ease the stress and anxiety of dealing with business aspects you aren’t familiar with
  • Create a vision for the future, determine what you want and have a plan that will guarantee you achieve it
  • Give you more confidence in running your business
  • Learn how simply reading answers can double (or triple) your income!
  • How to dramatically increase your revenue with 5 secret strategies that allow your salon to sell more without selling a thing!
  • How to keep your clients and increase the value of every one of them without hard sells or sales pitches dramatically increasing your revenue
  • Learn how to ensure your salon retains every client through "Optimizing the Client Experience."
  • Develop a system to ensure your salon maintains the ideal "client cycle" ensuring you are always booked with appointments
  • How to ensure everything gets done and done well
  • Effective ways to ensure you are set up for success today and for the future
  • Learn how and why you don’t have to work as hard as you are! Create more time for the things you enjoy doing!
  • If you are thinking this might add more work to your day, remember, I’ve been in your shoes. It won’t.


I'm not interested in adding more work to your day, this program is designed to free you from being over-worked, over-stressed, and overwhelmed because it’s:

  • Easy to Follow
  • Easy to Execute
  • A Go At Your Own Pace Style
  • Uncomplicated
  • Broken down into manageable activities that are easy to implement
  • Focused on getting you results you need quickly and easily
As you can see, you are about to learn how to increase your income by planning and goal setting execution, which will allow you to work less and make more money! Make more and work less, now that’s a course worth it’s weight in gold! Sound too good to be true? If you have any hesitation that this course won’t work for you, rest assured... it’s backed by a Full Satisfaction Guarantee! As you can see, you are going to be able to double or triple your income, get your life and your salon under control, and gain confidence knowing you have an executable plan so you don’t have to do it all by yourself.


Let’s review the exclusive materials you are about to gain access to – Your Profit Pulling SalonSUCCESS Sessions:

Module 1: The 20/20 Session

Discover your ultimate vision


Module One

In this lesson I help you understand how your vision is an important factor in setting up your business for success. We examine what results you want from your business and look at your dreams and goals.

On this session you will learn:

  • How to put the pieces of your business together to create a clear vision
  • How to approach your business in a new way that increases income and decreases stress
  • The 5 secrets you can use right now that will give you "20/20 business vision"
  • What role you want to have within the business, whether large or small

Module 2: The Ultimate Consultation

The consultation system that ensures your clients love coming to your salon


Module Two

Consultations are critical to the success of the salon. It’s often where your client determines the worth and value of using your services. And most salons fail miserably at this. This aspect of your business could be costing you thousands of dollars per month alone!

On this session you will learn:

  • The consultation system that ensures your clients LOVE coming to your salon
  • The "2 Step Consultation Process" that very few salon owners know but can be implemented tomorrow
  • How to have a great consultation, which increases the average spend of every client without selling a thing!
  • How to formulate the right questions your clients are dying you to ask!
  • The critical element of success that can have an immediate impact on the success of your salon

Module 3: Become The Retreat From Reality

With awesome costumer service


Module Three

While salon owners are trying to learn how to effectively get more people in the door, they miss a golden opportunity to increase revenue without spending a marketing dollar! In this course, you’ll learn what to put in place that maximizes the both the experience for your client and the bottom line of your business.

On this session you will learn:

  • The single biggest area of your business that results in almost all your success
  • How to turn your salon into a destination and an escape your clients will love
  • What lifetime value is, why it’s critical, and how to ensure you maximize it so you can double or triple your revenue
  • The 3 little known action items to take today that will transform your salon
  • That you need to know what CNE’s are and why they are critical to your salon business

Module 4: Money Magic

How to create the highly profitable salon


Module Four

Money magic is about what missed sales and non-regular client visits really cost in money terms and how to prevent them immediately. You will learn how to optimize your salon through strategies and techniques that ensure clients come back before they even leave! Do you understand secret discounting? You should, I’ll tell you inside!

On this session you will learn:

  • How to easily implement a system that guarantees clients for life
  • How to effectively use re-booking methods that nobody ever told you that will dramatically increase your revenue
  • Secret Discounting – what it is and what to do about it.

Module 5: Learning In Numbers

It's about profit!


Module Five

Uncover all of the commonly asked questions and learn the solutions that will revitalize your salon and give a large boost to your bottom line

This course alone has the power to grow your business by 150%-300% quickly!

On this session you will learn:

  • The practical way to get things done, install systems to make your life easier and your salon more profitable
  • The value of a receptionist and if they are indeed worth even having
  • Getting Clients tomorrow… a simple tactic that I guarantee you’ve never thought of!

Module 6: We're In This Together

Let's plan the salon and life you've always wanted


Module Six

This is where I show you how to put it all together easily and effectively. It’s where you salon becomes easier to run, you become less stressed, and your bottom line goes through the roof!

On this session you will learn:

  • Plan your business to maximum profits with less work than you are doing now!
  • The simple yet effective salon planning strategies and techniques that take all the work and hassle out of planning.
  • How to use one page to plan your entire business (I told you this wasn’t going to cause additional work for you!)
  • How to stick to the plan without thinking. Making your plan come to life while it becomes second nature to you and your employees
  • The one thing you HAVE to do BEFORE you take one step toward planning the salon of your dreams

In addition to the information and guidance you are going to gain exclusively through Profit Pulling Salon Classroom, you will also be given all the material you need!

You don’t have to create new spreadsheets or documents, this program has everything available for you to easily download and print out including:

  • The Planning for Maximum Success Worksheets
  • The Easiest and Most Powerful One Page Business Plan
  • All the Salon Success Planning Slides – Easily Available 24/7
  • The Planning For Success Audio Program – You can even listen to this program anywhere you want whenever it’s most convenient for you!
  • Broken down into manageable activities that are easy to implement
  • Focused on getting you results you need quickly and easily

Once you see inside this program and the power it has to make your salon more profitable and your life easier, you will be shocked!

I'm so sure you’ll see tremendous results that I’m willing to remove all risk...

Which is why I offer you the…

SalonSUCCESS Satisfaction Guarantee!

If for any reason you aren’t happy with the program, don’t see tremendous results, just drop us a line and we’ll immediately refund your money. No Questions Asked.

So the only risk you take is not taking advantage of my 25 years of experience, the success strategies I’ve pulled and designed to make your life easier and maximize the profit your salon pulls in.