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Ready to trim hours off your work week?

A business can sometimes leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed. You know there are things to be done, but you aren't sure where to begin. And then, there are your own personal goals - are you still wondering how to realise the lifestyle you dreamed of when you set out to become a business owner?

Wouldn’t some time to focus on improving your business be a breath of fresh air? With so many hours spent giving your best to the people who matter, where is the time to grow your salon and expand?

Well, it's time to get back in touch with your roots and explore what drives you every day. It's time to discover a perfect balance between work and life.


One thing is certain; these programs will improve your business and your life. Perfect for you if you are new to salon ownership or want to develop new skills to take your Salon to the next level and don’t know where to start.



Salon Success is exclusive 3 month one-on-one coaching program designed specifically for salon owners who are tired of being stuck in the daily grind of client work and are ready to skyrocket their revenue by at least 30% within just three months. This programme will take your salon to a whole new level.




If you're feeling alone in operating your business, and realise you need an industry expert by your side to bounce ideas off, and you understand that regular business coaching leads to incredible success and reduced stress, Salon Intensive is for you.


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What people are saying about Malcolm...
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  • I've found Malcolm extremely helpful and insightful. The changes Malcolm’s helping me make with the structure of my pricing and general organisation is going to allow me to work the way I want to work. Would recommend his services to any salon owner!

  • Malcolm has encouraged me to engage and ask clients for help to promote my business via referrals as opposed to just letting them happen. He inspires me to move beyond procrastination and just begin.

  • Malcolm Gibbons, thank you so much to the best business coach around!! You got me through some tough times and helped me make the best of the great times! I’ll be forever grateful for your advice!

  • Thank you for your time & expertise. The biggest outcome I got from your coaching was that I need to have more time off the salon floor! So I can plan and plot to achieve the goals for the business going forward. Also, to make sure I allow regular training for our team in any new systems/changes we take on to set them up for success. Many many thanks Katrina

  • Working with Malcolm has been super beneficial for me and my business. I’ve learnt so much over the past few months and really appreciated Malcolm’s honesty during our sessions. If you are looking to take your business to the next level and need some support and guidance, Malcolm’s knowledge and experience is what you need!

  • I have followed a number of 'coaches ' online, signed up for numerous 'e- books' and then put my hand up for 4 sessions with Malcolm. I was lucky enough to be plucked out, and then propped up and given a few hard truths, and a couple of pat on the backs and most importantly, tools to put into place a clear strategy to empower myself to improve my business and gain 'business maturity'. Thank you Malcolm, I can't wait to see what the next year will bring.

  • Big thanks Malcolm Gibbons, you Rock! A fantastic coach and mentor. I've completed his 4 week salon success course and feel like I've become unstuck, with a greater understanding of business, and more motivated to work on my business He makes the hard decisions easy and gives you tools to deal with anything. My business is moving forward in such a positive way, I feel way more in control and confident, and am already seeing real benefits from his help. Really can't recommend him enough A kick ass coach and person!

  • Working with Malcolm has helped me understand my business and how to achieve my goals. From knowing my numbers to even helping me with my social media. He has given me the courage to put up my prices and helped me see my worth. I would 100% recommend him to anyone. Thank you so much Malcolm.
  • Malcolm is a great coach. I saw my business improving daily with his expert advice with managing my team which helped me take more control of my business. Highly recommend his services.
  • I have worked with Malcolm for his 6 week challenge and he helped me so much with my rebooking, selling products and to get my salon where it needs to be.

  • Thanks Malcolm it’s been fantastic working with you. When I need more help in the future I’ll be calling again!

  • Before the program I was stuck, feeling lost in business and trying to come up with ways to make ends meet! I'm now totally killing it, 100% focused again, getting results!

  • With the knowledge I gained from our sessions I am now seeing huge results and am looking forward to the future of my salon and for the freedom I will now have by running it successfully and this was all thanks to Malcolm!

  • If you have the ability to invest a little bit of time and money into coaching with Malcolm, it will pay for itself in income as well as your own peace of mind

  • Shout out to Malcolm Gibbons who is an amazing coach, totally down to earth and has a great way of simplifying goals.

  • Malcolm’s consultation process has already helped me push past the fear of selling and helped me 16x my retail sales in a week – and I am still learning it!

  • Malcolm is the most incredible business coach in the industry! Not only does he know his stuff, he is understanding of all business and so awesome to work with!

  • Worth the investment, what more can I say :)

  • I would highly recommend Malcolm to any business owner. He is highly knowledgeable and knows what steps to take to get results!

  • Feeling massively inspired and empowered. Thank you Malcolm. Highly recommend!

  • The challenge has inspired me to move forward. Thanks Malcolm, 100% recommended!

  • Being in business is hard, juggling all the moving parts is hard. Working with Malcolm is easy!

  • I needed this. Thank you so much for all your help!

  • Malcolm is an amazing business coach but not only that...he taught me that my business will not flourish until I commit and follow through in all aspect of my business goals.

  • I absolutely recommend Malcolm, whether you just need someone to keep you accountable or you need a total 'revamp' of your business mind he is outstanding.

  • Thanks Malcolm for the motivation, support and help in implementing my new goals. Totally recommend Malcolm's 6 Week Challenge!

  • You have certainly opened my eyes to how I can improve my business and support my team in respect to morale and productivity, thanks again.

  • His simple ways really make sense, I have been coached before but not like this. Malcolm made me see the light, I am so grateful for his help.

  • One of the best decisions I made was to do what I do best and outsource to the expert. Only pick the best..... Malcolm at Salon Business Coach

  • He is a wealth of knowledge for all things business, I would highly recommend working with Malcolm.

  • Before doing this I felt a little lost in the business world, but Malcolm's information, support and calm manner have left me finishing this course with more confidence! I would highly recommend Malcolm.

  • Malcolm is awesome to work with, his programs are fantastic!

  • I highly recommend Malcolm to anyone who is looking to grow their management skillset.

  • These 6 weeks with you gave me some direction and I am much clearer now on the way forward towards becoming a successful business owner. I can highly recommend Malcolm and his 6 week Challenge.

  • I had the pleasure of spending the morning with Malcolm. I've learnt some great things for my business that I will use for years to come. Thank you Malcolm!

  • Having Malcolm as a mentor was one of the greatest decisions I have ever made in my life so far.

  • Malcolm is a great support person and mentor. He was instrumental in getting my business moving along and keeping me working on those building blocks to keep my business growing.

  • I found our talks very, very valuable as he helped me to stop, step back and think, to look at my business and assess it fully with my owner hat on rather than as a stylist. It has got me excited again about my business and my future.

  • Would I recommend Malcolm? ABSOLUTELY! His coaching is invaluable, just do it, you won't regret it!

  • I want to thank you for all your help over my 3.5 years at Bloom! I honestly would have been lost without you!

    Lesley Baker
    Bloom Hair & Beauty
  • The salon has increased its weekly take by 50% - this is down to your easy to implement strategies, staff incentive system and team education sessions.

    Kylie Tuamavavi
    Auckland, New Zealand
  • Thank you for stretching me and getting me to think outside the box. For making me see that I can indeed trust my instincts. You helped me create balance and gave me perspective. I really enjoyed the quarter club sessions as well.

    Amy Oelofse
    Dean Michaels Hair
  • "I was a bit doubtful that Malcolm could help us, but it seemed worth a shot. The outcome from working alongside him has been surprising, and not at all what we expected!

    Bill Smith
    Massage Me Day Spa
  • For the past 3 years have had the privilege of working with Malcolm as my business coach which has seen my business grow from 2 operators to 2 salons as a result of his guidance, tools and systems...

    Gold Coast, Australia
  • I've asked Malcolm to join my salon for a team meeting, what a huge success! The girls feel so motivated to do better in their specialized areas...

    Alta McGiddy
    Rolleston Hair & Beauty
  • I Just had a phone meeting with Malcolm and he helped me find my spark again. I rent a chair and when your business is just you it's very easy to feel lost and uninspired. Malcolm gave me some great ideas to get my business back on track, thanks Malcolm.

    Mellissa Loney
    Hair by Millie
  • Everything he suggested for me that I did, all gave me break through moments! I have now reached goals I didn’t believe I would, developed my business skills and extended my client base so much more than I ever would have otherwise.I went from about one job a week to around 5 jobs a week.

    Christelle McIntosh
    Christelle Make Up
  • Malcolm has valuable experience in the Hair industry and I enjoyed the fact that he had already done, trialed, succeeded and failed in the things I wanted to know about, this experience was extremely helpful and saved me time as I didn’t have to go through the same.

    Tracey Wallace
    Fruition for Hair
  • Malcolm provides a great mix of coaching, consulting and mentoring. He inspired me with his realistic advice. Malcolm’s own experience in the industry provides him with an invaluable source of knowledge and relevance.

    Diana Beaufort
    Reds Hair Dressing
  • I met Malcolm at a time of most need, they say that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear and that was certainly the case for me. I was struggling with managing my own clientele, organising appointments, taking care of stock issues, accounting, marketing (such as it was!) and basically chasing myself around in circles and getting further and further behind every day.

    Jackie Warren
    Hair Head Start
  • Malcolm covers the whole business from financial, marketing, leadership, staff incentives, business & marketing plan – its the whole package for a very affordable cost that has given me fast and effective results. My business wouldn’t be what it is today without Malcolm’s help.

    Kelly Powell
    Marlborough Day Spa
  • I have found the Shock Consult seminars to be extremely beneficial for my business confidence and when I had lost focus and sight of my vision, Malcolm offered guidance to regain clarity and direction allowing me to fulfil my original goals.

    Corinna Gerber
    Beauty for Everyone
  • Working with Malcolm, I find him very understanding and I can feel comfortable to ask for help with any situation. He always gives a very honest opinion with any ideas I put forward and constantly keeps my mind ticking with creative ideas he throws at me.

    Celine Ricketts
    Beauty Boutique


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