Time Management Secrets of Successful Salon Owners

Time Management Secrets of Successful Salon Owners

Your salon needs your time, so do your spouse, partner, children, friends, clients, team, and just about anyone else you can think of. And of course you also need some time for yourself to relax, rejuvenate and enjoy. But you, like all of us have only 24 hours a day, and have limited time for everyone. So how do you manage all this? You cannot change time – the only thing you can change is you and your way of managing time.

Here are some ideas and smart ways to manage your time more efficiently so you can dedicate some quality time to your salon business to make it more successful.  Every aspect of running your salon needs your time and attention, and not managing your time properly will and probably does cost you a lot of money, and everyday you lose time, you get further and further behind – resulting more in lost opportunity and profit.

When was the last time you actually just sat down and figured out exactly what you want to achieve for your salon and you? A great tip is to set your alarm to wake up half an hour earlier in the morning, this allows you to have some ‘you’ time to think with an open and fresh mind about your business, so get up early, make yourself your favourite morning drink (mines a really nice quality cup of percolated coffee) and sit somewhere quiet with a notepad and reflect on your wants and needs… then make some notes on how you will change what you are doing to be able to bring you closer to what you have written down, next morning reflect on yesterday and look at how you could have arranged and done things differently to free up some of your time. This morning time should be one time when people around you bother you less, (they are probably still in bed) and you get some time in isolation to think and generate ideas.  

Time Management Qualities to develop:

Prioritize: Create some time and think about your business and which areas, in your opinion, need more time and attention.  You can also discuss it with a mentor or coach to help you set these priorities. Ideally write them down in your diary or make a list and put it somewhere where you can see and access it conveniently. So whenever you look at it, you will be automatically reminded of your priorities.

Prepare “things to do”: In the morning quiet time, always prepare a “things to do” list and try to keep it in front of you all the time. On your desk or even on your Smartphone can be a good place for this. Make it a habit to complete the entire list. You can do this by organising yourself and not wasting your time, and remember to make it achievable, there is nothing worse than piling your daily to do list high with tasks that you know you won’t get completed in a day. My favorite thing to do on a Monday morning is to set 3 things to achieve this week, write them down and then plan when and how I’ll do them (these are tasks over and above normal ‘work stuff’ and should be directly taking you closer to your goals)

Organise yourself: Use reminders or work plans to remember things you have to do any particular day – and do them when they’re scheduled. (Do the unsavory ones first… then they’re out of the way leaving the more pleasant ones to be done – 1st thing to do is to read the book Eat That Frog – 21 ways to stop procrastinating and get more done in less time… by Brian Tracy)

Set Goals and stay focused: set goals tied in with your vision. If you are focused, organised and determined, you will be able to meet (or exceed) your goals.

Identify the obstacles in your time management: Keep your team or friends out of your way when it is time for business. Keep all the time thieves (you know who they are!) away from yourself during the hours you have allocated for completing the task list, you and your Salon will benefit from doing this.

Make your time productive: Learning new ways to make your time productive is crucial. For example, when chit chatting with your clients you can always, between your conversations, introduce a new product or service. In the same way while meeting with the company reps you can discuss the talk of the town or what the market is up to. Just see how you can utilise your time gaining and sharing important information.

You can only do all this when you manage your time. If you have problems and unable to handle or organise yourself, there is no harm in discussing it with a professional. This will always help you because without a proper time management process you won’t be able to reach the high level of success you may desire.

A salon business needs the owners’ time in several areas including following:

Customers: allocate a portion of time in which you always interact with your clients and take their feedback on the team, décor, services and products.

Team: Interact with them and keep an open door policy or may be an open email policy. It is possible that your team members, in their spare time come and start discussing general topics which can waste your time, so be careful with this as this is a common time thief practice… I am not saying that you should ignore them, but set rules in place that allow you to be free to work uninterrupted and then discuss their ideas in your allocated time. 

Market updates: allocate some time to keep yourself updated with what is happening in the market. What new trends are coming and which are leaving the market. Also keep yourself posted with new products.

Social networks: get connected with market specialists – Facebook is awesome for this. Allocate a time, at least once or maybe twice a week to socialize with industry peers, specialists, suppliers and experts to know what is happening around the industry and what the upcoming developments are.

Answer complaints efficiently: as a daily routine, allow time, to listen and review any client’s complaints that may have been made during their visits.

Many salon owners are time poor, and that’s because they struggle with managing the time available, remember to plan, focus and also delegate so you can get the important things done quickly and efficiently allowing yourself time to enjoy your salon and life outside it. Message me for a chat and some tips.


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