How To Take Salon Bookings While You Sleep

How to Take Salon Bookings While You Sleep

When Jeremy closes his salon doors in the evening, he heads home and relaxes. He forgets about his salon. But he still he gets bookings coming in overnight.

You see, Jeremy’s salon has a website with an online booking form. It’s so convenient for his clients. And furthermore, Jeremy has invested in a professional website that really shows off his unique services and skills, so people visiting say, “Wow, this is the salon for me!”

But it wasn’t always like that. When Jeremy first contacted me his salon website looked… well just like most other salon websites, a bit boring to look at. And also it was not really designed to take bookings online, or to get salon clients.

Jeremy’s old website made several mistakes that most salons make. Here are the three biggest ones.

1. When people land on the home page there’s no clear message what the salon is about. There’s usually some kind of greeting like “Welcome to [salon name]” and some stock photos and a bit of text. But nothing to immediately identify what makes that salon unique.

2. There is no clear option for people to make an enquiry and/or booking except a small hidden away “contact me” link or a tiny phone number or email address.  This is crazy, when you consider the main purpose of your website is to get people to contact you and make a booking!

You need to put your contact details big and bold in a place where people can immediately see them. And invest in an online booking form. Then, like Jeremy, when you close your salon doors in the evening, you’ll still get bookings overnight.

3. Most salon websites are boring. It’s amazing how many salons forget they are in the beauty business. Visual effects will always matter. If you want to attract high end clients, your website needs the right image.

Many of my coaching clients have revamped their websites along the lines I have recommended. And the result? More bookings, more enquiries, more happy customers and of course more sales and cash in bank.

A top notch website really is that important if you’re serious about your business.
How about your website? When was the last time you took a look? What do you think it says about your salon brand? How easy is it for customers to book appointments and make enquiries?

Your website is one of several key things we’ll look at if you work with me. Since the internet is so important today, it absolutely must be a central part of your marketing strategy. I’ll help you figure out exactly how it fits in.

And that’s just a small part of what you’ll get with my one on one program. If you’re feeling alone in operating your business, and realize you need an industry expert by your side to bounce ideas off… if you understand that regular business coaching leads to incredible success and reduced stress, you can find out more now by booking a free Strategy Session with me.

Or you can call me directly on 021 210 8950 (+64 21 210 8950 from outside NZ).
Don’t procrastinate! I promise, getting in touch with me will be the best decision you can make for your business.


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