How Jackie Turned Around Her Struggling Salon Business

How Jackie Turned Around Her Struggling Salon Business

When I first met Jackie, it’s fair to say she was at her wits end. She was wondering how much longer she could survive the nightmare her salon business had become. Would there ever be any light at the end of the tunnel?

Like all salon owners, Jackie started out with big dreams. But as her business grew, so did her headaches and stress levels.

As Jackie explains, “I was struggling with managing my clientele, organising appointments, taking care of stock issues, accounting, marketing (such as it was) and basically chasing myself around in circles and getting further behind every day.”

By the time Jackie contacted me, her business was going downhill fast. Her staff-members were at each other’s throats and without being too melodramatic about it, as she puts it, “We were all at a stage of killing each other!”

Jackie adds, “I knew I needed help because I had tried everything I knew. I needed a fresh perspective. I had become very stale and tired within the five years I had been in business.”

Jackie signed up for my one-to-one coaching programme. And she started seeing positive results almost from day one. The first challenge was to put an end to the constant squabbles among her salon staff. We looked at their different personality traits, their strengths and weaknesses. The light went on for Jackie. By making a few simple changes, she was able to get her staff working together as a team – and this alone reduced her daily stress levels.

We also worked on Jackie’s marketing. She really didn’t have a marketing strategy, other than hoping clients would turn up. I helped her stop procrastinating and gave her a practical marketing plan that made sense.

I also helped Jackie set goals for her business and write them down. She had never taken time to do this. Between us, we came up with innovative ideas that helped Jackie’s Salon to compete better in the marketplace. And almost immediately this put extra money in the till.

Now she can pay her bills on time, without having to constantly make arrangements to pay them off.

Jackie concludes, “I met Malcolm at a time of most need, they say that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear and that was certainly the case for me.”
If you’re struggling in your salon business like Jackie was… 

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