Get a Grip on your Next Promotion

Get a Grip on your Next Promotion

All Hair and Beauty Salon Owners have a set of problems that are common across the board. One that is significantly impacting profits is the ability to run a successful promotional/marketing campaign. Now you need to realise, not all promotional ideas are wonderful, in fact only approx. 15% of promotions are actually successful and 85% aren’t… the issue is we just don’t know which of them are in the 15% group! The best piece of advice I can give here is… TRY – actually do something! Without giving it a go there is no way you are going to know what works and what doesn’t and you won’t make and more money or expand the business by doing the same as you have always done. Oh and once you do something make sure you measure its success, there’s no good promoting or advertising something again if after the first time it didn’t work!…

So I guess you are asking yourself “how do I run a successful campaign Malcolm? Come on spill the beans”. The truth is it’s not an exact science and we don’t know exactly what the answer is, however we can generalise and make your attempt a lot sharper by knowing some truths: The answer is simple and I will break it down into four easy steps:

1.        Planning

Planning is essential to running any business. You may have heard me say it time and time again. It is the reason a number of my seminars and workshops are based around planning. It is pivotal that all Salon Owners have a grip on how to plan their business and in turn how to plan a campaign. To get started you can map out exactly what you are going to do in each month, when it starts and when it stops and what your promotion will be.

2.    Organisation

Once you have your year sorted then delve into the finer details of each promotion. You need to determine:

·         Your target audience – this may not be everyone who comes to your salon

·         The product or service you wish to sell – of course, this is dependent on the promotion you are running. If it is Mother’s Day for example, you may like to promote a special occasion up-do, or luxurious facials to make them feel and look beautiful on their special day.

·         Who will do your email design, social media posts or poster design and printing and when do they need to be done by?

After setting all the finer detail it’s all about promotion

3.    Execution

To execute the promotion successfully you must tick the first two off your list, once this is done it’s all about getting the word out there. Your team need to know the promotion inside out and be discussing it with your target audience each and every time the opportunity arises – so plan a team meeting to tell them about it, maybe set an incentive for sales of the promo for them. You’ll need to flood your social media sites with your promotion as well as having posters up in your salon and emails to your clients ready prior to the promotion starting so you can start booking them in. Make enough noise about it so people know something is going on…

4.  Recording

As I mentioned earlier, not every campaign will be successful, some will be way more successful than others. But the question is how you know which promotion you should be running again and which ones you should can. The answer is easy – as mentioned, measure your results. This is the only true way to know what is working and what is not. Your team must understand the recording process and you have to educate them how to record each promotion and how pivotal it is to the growth to the salon and their success.

So there you have it, four simple steps and you are on your way to running a tight promotion to boost your salon profits. I’m sure you know that it can be a lot of work of which if you are organised and have the support then you could confidently go and do it! But if you’re like many time poor salon owners struggling to get a grip on running a promotion then we can help! Click here to message me on Facebook

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