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00:26    The basis for a success story
00:53    The vital importance
01:10    What is a Vision?
01:22    How to create a Vision
02:18    There’s still time – create your vision

Your Reason Why:

Hi there, I’m Malcolm from Shock Consult and welcome to today’s Hair and Beauty Salon Biz Tip.
Now the basis for any success story is a vision. And what is a vision? Well a vision really is just your why: Why are you doing what you do? And what is it that get you out of bed in the morning and helps make you run to the salon to create what it is that you want  to create.
You know one of the things that I’ve come across in what I do, is most of the people I deal with struggle to have a reason why. They struggle to have a vision, they don’t necessarily understand how important it is for their business. It’s vitally important to know why you’re doing what you’re doing!
As the leader of the salon it’s important to be able to transfer that vision to your team so they can follow you. So they can buy into whatever it is you’re trying to achieve. That will make your life so much easier.
So what is a vision? A vision is really, just what I said before: “The reason why you do things.” Okay..

Have you got a vision?

Have you got a vision? Do you want to create a vision?happy-business-woman
Brainstorm some ideas, write down reasons why you might be doing what you’re doing. What was the reason you went into business in the first place? Where in the pit of your stomach here! You know, that excitement. What was it that made that feeling?
Was it what you wanted to achieve in the business? Was it what you were going to change in the world? Or was it that you were going to rock your client’s world?
Whatever the reason is make sure you know what it is because that reason will be the driving force behind you succeeding and giving you the will and the determination to carry on when things get tough.
If your reason why, if your vision is strong you will fight through the challenging times. You will get the results you’re looking to achieve.

There’s still time

Look if you haven’t got a vision… its okay, there’s still time. You can still create one. Think of some ideas, brainstorm, you know maybe give me a call we can come up with the game changer for you. OK? but you’ve gotta start thinking about why. Why you’re doing what you do and get that reason strong in your mind!
So really that’s today’s lesson. Figure out your reason why. You know what, if you know what your reason why is, my question to you is: Is it still strong? Is it still getting you out of bed in the morning? Is it still exciting you? Is it still driving you?
If it’s not, start looking at it. Have to figure out what’s gone wrong with it? Have you lost sight of it? Is it time to look at it again and get back into it?
Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for you today. Figure out you reason why and then go for it.
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I’m Malcolm from Shock Consult and I look forward to seeing you on my next “Salon Biz Tips” video


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