Don’t let excuses get the better of you!

Don’t let excuses get the better of you!

How many times a day do you think “man, I really need to getaway from everything” then let it slip away as the excuses come rushing in? … “I’m just too busy to organise something right now”, “I’m not sure I have the money”, “where am I going to find the time”, “it’s all to hard”. I know the feeling well, because I’ve been there. It’s often simpler to do nothing than take an opportunity, but it’s the chances we take which allow us to grow and to ultimately reap rewards.


Ask yourself this question, if I took the time to really expand my horizons this year what would I be able to achieve? How much further ahead could I be and how much less stress would that mean for me in the daily running of my business? Taking a journey of self-discovery either personally or professionally is a life affirming process and essential to maintaining your sanity as an ‘in demand’ Salon business owner. Just imagine where you could be at the end of this year if you took some time out for inspiration and to refocus your personal and professional priorities.

My challenge to you this year is not to let the excuses get the better of you. 2017 can be your year! Recognise how important it is to take time to be a business owner (not just be a business operator). Put simply Act – ‘action changes things’ … find the time and those extra dollars to commit to extraordinary opportunities.

When I was running two very busy and successful Salons I was always grateful when our suppliers organised a conference or business trip because everything was done for us. I called it ‘the convenience factor’ and it made our lives so much easier. I just blocked out the dates in my diary then asked the organiser to book us in for a few extra days holiday at the end of the conference.

Thus I was chatting to a colleague a couple of years ago about the convenience factor and the kernel of an idea was born. I thought if it was the case for me it might be the case for other salon owners, so I asked around and wasn’t surprised to find a lot of agreement. It wasn’t just me. Many of the people I talked to were keen to do something new, something easy, something that was arranged for them in a relaxed and creative environment and most importantly, well away from their Salon. I thought, why not? Let’s run it up the flagpole and see who salutes it.

So last year that idea came to fruition with the announcement of our 2017 Fiji Savvy Salon Owners Retreat. Having been to Fiji a number of times and knowing the Outrigger Resort on the Coral Coast well, I knew it would be the perfect spot to relax, de-stress, learn and connect … in fact the ultimate spot to expand horizons.

We all know how awesome it is when a group of crazy salon owners get together (that alone is probably enough reason for you to attend), what you can learn from having a drink with another salon owner and sharing war stories and ideas is priceless. And mixed in with all the enjoyment will be seminars, group sessions and relaxed networking all around the Theme of Team.


So over to Fiji we go…

Imagine waking up to the lapping waters of the South Pacific Ocean and wandering through the tropical gardens for a leisurely breakfast … Bula – Fiji time!
Somewhere shortly thereafter we’ll find the conference centre and get underway with our first session … it’s ‘All About Recruitment’. We will work hard and fast on what to do in 2017 and beyond to recruit the right team – after all we want time for soaking up the Fiji sun at morning tea. Next we head to the pool area for our second session, ‘Retention Strategies’ under the sun.
After our tropical lunch we’ve earmarked some time learning the six essential keys to ‘Creating and Inspiring a Winning Team’ – this is one not to be missed! We’ll sneak in a cheeky afternoon tea and finish in plenty of time for mixing and mingling cocktails around the pool before deciding on which of the six resort restaurants to indulge in for dinner. Party hard or relax then later as you drift off to sleep the tropical palms will serenade you as they gently sway in the breeze… Ahhh Bliss…

Now imagine two more days in this tropical wonderland with loads more learning, fun and adventure.

Thinking about suitable topics for the Retreat the most common conversation with salon clients and owners was learning how to be a better leader, recruiting staff and managing a team – specifically Recruiting, Retention and Rewarding. Think about this … How do I craft a decent employment ad? How do I look after my team to keep them inspired? What do I pay them so it’s affordable for me and also valuable for them? What are some of the creative ways I engage them in their roles? How do I lead and inspire them on a daily basis? We will cover this and much more over the course of the retreat.

You can be part of the select group of savvy salon owners travelling to Fiji’s Coral Coast for Learning, Inspiration and Fun in August. This is your exclusive invitation to step-up, refocus and immerse yourself for three days of dedicated and inspiring salon business talk … (did we mention quite a bit of fun on the side?)

Everyone can improve and upskill themselves if they allocate more time and commit. “You don’t know what you don’t know” … it really is that simple. Why not get a little perspective. Take time out from your business to learn, network and have some fun this August. All you have to do is show up.

The principle I like to follow in business and in life is simply to offer something of value to others, to pay it forward. My passion is helping salon owners grow their businesses in outstandingly uncomplicated ways. We hope you choose to join us in Fiji.

Fiji Retreat for Savvy Salon Owners
13 – 16 August 2017

Hurry, limited spaces left. Partner package options also available.







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