Do You Hate Managing People and Money?

Like most people who start their own salon business, you probably were talented in the practical skills involved – cutting hair, giving beauty treatments etc. But you felt frustrated working for someone else. If only you could start your own salon. You would be free. And make a lot more money.

Well, that was the dream. But now you find yourself tied up with all the practical aspects of running a business, such as finances and staff management. You feel frustrated and overwhelmed.

If this is true, you’ll find some inspiration from the story of Celine, one my coaching clients. Celine, who owns a beauty salon in Auckland’s eastern suburbs, admits she was terrible at managing the money side of her business. She also had no previous experience managing staff, which meant she had difficulty putting her foot down and taking charge – being a boss rather than a friend.

Before she opened her salon, Celine was a talented and experienced beauty therapist. But due to her lack of business background she felt “like I was treading on thin ice from day one.”

I worked with Celine in two main areas. The first was learning how to understand the financials and accounting side of running her Here’s how Celine describes the experience.

“Working with Malcolm, I find him very understanding and I feel comfortable to ask for help with any situation. He always gives an honest opinion with any ideas I put forward and constantly keeps my mind ticking with creative ideas he throws at me. I love the fact after each session with Malcolm I feel calm, relaxed, in control and buzzing with ideas!”

I worked with Celine to develop a clear business plan. Something she had never done previously. She now has a vision for the future direction of her salon and knows where to focus her energy to achieve success.

Above all, she has got a grip of the financial side of her business, which has relieved her of a lot the stress that used to nag her constantly.

Celine is just one of many clients who I have worked with, you can see more testimonials here. The common theme in all the feedback my coaching clients give is they appreciate how my advice is based on my own practical experience running my own salon for many years.

I made a lot of mistakes myself in those days. But I learned from them and now I can pass on advice that literally can be worth hundreds to millions of dollars in extra revenue for your salon business.

If you’re struggling right now, I’d love you to get in touch and discuss how I can help, we can tailor-make a custom coaching program for your unique needs.

You’ll find I don’t beat around the bush. I’m direct. I tell it like it is. And if you follow my advice I guarantee your salon business will be permanently transformed for the better.
So don’t procrastinate!

Click here to book in a free Strategy Session, or you can call me on 021 210 8950 (+64 21 210 8950 from outside NZ). I promise, getting in touch with me will be the best decision you can make for your business.


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