Dear Bosses 4 (a letter from your employees)

This is the fourth post on the Dear Bosses series, have a quick read…

And remember why I’m showing you these…

in bite sized bits I’m going to deliver excerpts from a letter that many employees would like to write to their bosses but don’t…

This may or may not apply to you … well in most cases ALL will not apply to all, HOWEVER I bet SOME of what you’ll read over the coming emails WILL apply to you, it’ll resonate right to your very core… and that’s what I want it to do.

I want it to move you, I want you to squirm a little bit (or a lot!) when reading the comments and sentiments, because quite frankly we can ALL be better at getting the best from our teams – after all, it’s them who are part of our key to success…


Dear Bosses…

Set the mood.

We like what we do. But we like it more when we’re actually liking it, you know?

There isn’t a person in the world who doesn’t want to have fun. And if there is, we sure as hell don’t want to know them.

You want it. We want it. Everyone wants it.

And you know damn well that if the fun shows through in the work, people will want more.

Appoint a funmaker

Make it part of their job. Reward them for it. And don’t forget to give them a budget.

Always make time for a pickup game

Remember exercise? Remember thinking clearly? Okay then.

Invite your clients and customers to play

We care about our work even more when we care about the people we’re doing it for. And they’ll care more about it too.

You’ve got something in your teeth.

Look, we can tell when you’re in a bad mood, and we can tell when you’re taking it out on us. It’s okay, everyone does it, we’re all human.

But you’re our leader and you have power we don’t. It’s your duty to be responsible about your shortcomings. Think about it: Your personal inadequacies and insecurities are more visible to your employees than they are to your spouse. And it’s much easier for us to leave you too.

Own your problems

Stop pretending you don’t have any. We’re much more likely to forgive you for them if you’re straight up with us.

Know when you need a time-out

You’ve done enough already, thank you. Why don’t you excuse yourself before you really eff this up?

Go to the gym

Yoga, pilates, jazzercise, transcendental meditation-we don’t care. Just don’t work your stress out on us. (And anyway, you could stand to lose a few pounds too.)

See a shrink

Tell’m about your mother or something. We’ve got work to do. Sheeesh.


To be continued… (next time: We want a pitcher, not a belly itcher!)


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