Dear Bosses 3 (a letter from your employees)

This is the third post on the Dear Bosses series, have a quick read…

And remember why I’m showing you these…

in bite sized bits I’m going to deliver excerpts from a letter that many employees would like to write to their bosses but don’t…

This may or may not apply to you … well in most cases ALL will not apply to all, HOWEVER I bet SOME of what you’ll read over the coming emails WILL apply to you, it’ll resonate right to your very core… and that’s what I want it to do.

I want it to move you, I want you to squirm a little bit (or a lot!) when reading the comments and sentiments, because quite frankly we can ALL be better at getting the best from our teams – after all, it’s them who are part of our key to success…


Dear Bosses

Your throne is made of porcelain, just like ours!

The work is the real king. We all serve it.

You work for more than just status.

Okay, mister or misses big pouch, we get it: You’re the king/queen, we’re the workers, and we work for you.
But guess what? Your throne is made of porcelain, just like ours. The work is the real king. We all serve it. So don’t let your position get in the way of our work. Kill the hierarchy, and realize this: your job is to help us be successful, because your success depends on ours.

The king is dead. Long live the work. Here’s how you can pay tribute:

Show a little respect.

You wouldn’t go into a restaurant and tell the chef how to do his job. And if the food you order is good, you wouldn’t take credit for it.

So why does it feel like too many cooks in the kitchen?

You hired us because we’re good at what we do, because we can do what you cannot. Accept the fact that there will be times when you’re out of your league. That’s ok. Just remember that you have faith in our abilities (right?), and let us do our job. Trust us-we’ll make you look good. And when we do, don’t forget to send compliments to the chef.

Don’t meddle!

Collaboration can be great, but that’s not the same thing as swooping in at the eleventh hour and turning things upside down.

Create a safe word!

So that we can let you know that you’re not being helpful, without worrying we’ll get fired.

Know when to take a back seat!

If you’re not the lead on a project, don’t steamroll the person who is.

To be continued… (next post: ‘Set the mood’. and ‘You’ve got something in your teeth!’)


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