Dear Bosses 2 (a letter from your employees)

This is the second post on the Dear Bosses series, have a quick read…

And remember why I’m showing you these…

in bite sized bits I’m going to deliver excerpts from a letter that many employees would like to write to their bosses but don’t…

This may or may not apply to you … well in most cases ALL will not apply to all, HOWEVER I bet SOME of what you’ll read over the coming emails WILL apply to you, it’ll resonate right to your very core… and that’s what I want it to do.

I want it to move you, I want you to squirm a little bit (or a lot!) when reading the comments and sentiments, because quite frankly we can ALL be better at getting the best from our teams – after all, it’s them who are part of our key to success…


Dear Bosses

Fill ‘er up.

Inspiration is the most valuable thing you can give us. It makes our jobs better. It makes the work better. And the truth is, it makes our lives better. But some might say that inspiration is a luxury, and far beyond the responsibilities of management. We beg to differ.

Creative teams live on inspiration. And they die without it.

You can do plenty to make sure your creative staff has the fuel it needs to keep being creative, day after day.

Make it a part of everyone’s job, including yours, to participate in inspiration sharing in one form or another. Be clear that if they’re not staying inspired, they’re not doing their jobs. And for eff’s sake, make sure the organization supports them in that.

Show and tell
Create a culture, or at least a routine, of sharing all the inspiring things you discover out there in the world.

Magazine subscriptions
Get some that don’t suck. Duh.

Make us use our professional development stipend
Hold it against us if we don’t. Tough love and all that.

Take us out
Otherwise, we’ll have to join the Navy to see the world. And you know what they do to us “creative types” in the Navy.

Write it into the job description
Why wouldn’t you? (If you can come up with a good answer, you’re in the wrong line of work.)

Encourage accidents in the workplace
People talk about the creative process like it’s one thing. They go on to say that if you adhere to it, you’ll be creative every time. Those people are idiots. This isn’t to say that there can be no method to our madness. Of course there are many useful creative techniques and tools and whatnot. But it’s the madness that makes creativity possible, not the methods. So don’t fence us in. Give us the freedom to do the work you hired us to do, and let the process change from day to day. Better yet, make it a requirement of the job.

Budget for tangents
f you’re committed to creativity, then you’ll make room for it in every deadline you sign us up for.

Reward crazy
Because crazy is often the source of the world’s next great idea.

Let us learn from our mistakes
If we believe strongly in a bad idea, let us present it and find out for ourselves how bad it really is.

Require and support independent projects
It’ll make us happy, and it might even make you rich.

To be continued… (next time: You work for more than just status. and Show a little respect!)


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