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2 March 2023

The EIGHT BIG benefits of having a plan in your business

Having a plan is one of the most important things that a business can do to ensure its success. Your plan helps to identify goals, establish objectives, and develop strategies for achieving those goals. It provides a roadmap that guides your business towards achieving its desired outcomes, and helps to align all stakeholders towards a common vision. In this article, I explore the eight benefits of having a plan in your business.
8 May 2022

Why You Should Launch a Salon or Spa Loyalty Program

Every salon out there says that they need more clients. However the reality is that if we became better at keeping the clients we do have, we would not need to rely on always attracting new ones. Read more to find out how to keep the clients you do have...
6 September 2021

The Secret Sauce To Business Success

In this article I’m going to tell you why just setting goals won’t work, and then I’m going to show you what you need to do so that they will work for you, and only then will they work in harmony with you getting what you want – (this is secret sauce to your business success)
17 August 2021

The Secret To Making Your Salon Marketing Efforts Worthwhile!

In this article I’ll give you the insider’s secret to making it worthwhile to do salon marketing. Click to read all about it.
18 July 2021

Numbers Suck!

Numbers suck Malcolm! This article is to help take the mystery out of the numbers dilemma for you and hopefully get you to see numbers can be fun, if you struggle to know how and which numbers are important to a successful business and want numbers to be fun, then read on my friend…
19 April 2020
Cash Flow Forecast Mini Course

Cashflow Forecast

Cash Flow Forecast Cash Flow Forecast: As the name suggests, creating a cash flow forecast simply involves forecasting how much money will be coming into the […]
8 July 2015

The 5 Hot Principles of Successful Planning

Many salon owners don’t plan and those that do seem to most often not follow their plan or typically forget they even have a plan altogether. […]
18 February 2015

3 sales tips to help your business succeed

It’s always important to attract new clients into your spa or salon, but if that’s your sole focus, you may be missing valuable opportunities right in […]
15 March 2014
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Salon Owner laments “I had my lot and just needed to accept it!” (Not!)

I asked a successful client of mine the reason she attributes to her success… Here’s her answer… “I stumbled along for many years just getting by […]
6 April 2012
Rulebook-Salon Business Coach

Is it Policy or Fallacy in your salon?

  Here’s a story that got me thinking and if I do say so myself, more than a little riled up… I recently received a letter from an overseas […]
14 February 2010
Salon Business Coach

Five Absolute Solid Facts why a Specific Software program is a must for every Clinic/Day Spa

Many years ago the more successful clinics were the ones that took the time to manually record and calculate their numbers to know exactly what they […]