Its amazing to me how many business owners spend hundreds and sometimes many thousands of dollars on creating and establishing lots of systems around the running of their business in the hope that it will make “life easier” and then find once the money has left the bank account that the system doesn’t work… the news for them is that “Systems don’t run businesses… People run the systems” and that allows the business to run more smoothly. When business leaders realise that the investment they make in creating a system is worth investing again in staff training and education on how the system should run, why it was created in the first place and what benefit it is to the individual staff member, the customer and finally the business as a whole, only then will it be a smoother road to efficiency and longer days in the boat fishing for business owners.

I am working with a business owner at present who is just realising that the investment in staff training is just that… an investment, which is something that he should expect a return from… and to this end, his investment is being repaid many-fold with more motivated (trained) staff who he can rely on to do the job whilst he concentrates on driving other aspects of his business. His words: “It is an obvious part to business, but sometimes it takes someone to point out the obvious and thanks to Malcolm doing just that, I am now on track with my targets”.

So Do create and develop Business Systems and DO schedule and budget for staff involvement and training if you want the system to be worked as you envision it.

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