Building an Unbeatable Plan

Here’s the most common question I get asked by salon owners … “Malcolm, how can I make more money and more importantly how can I reduce the stress of owning my salon?”

Well, the answer is actually quite simple. But we as salon owners tend to complicate it. Why?

Because we THINK it must be difficult.

The truth is, most salon owners are running their business by the seat of their pants. Don’t get me wrong, they know what they are doing when it comes to clients. They take more clients than their team, they sell more products and they re-book more too. They are stars.

But they often struggle to make the transition from on the floor “busy bee” to enjoying the benefits of being a salon owner with time to actually have a life outside of work.

There are two choices.

You can continue to be the main earner in the salon and struggle to run the other parts of your business. This means you will just stay afloat while your team continues to enjoy the free ride and let you do it all.


You can make some well-considered changes to ensure you get a different result and get yourself organised for the future.

In my experience this is where it all goes pear shaped. The problem is, we are not sure what to do that will make the difference. Here is your first step.

You must make a PLAN.

Every salon I work with must make a commitment to plan. And they quickly see the results of their planning. Yes, they need some help with the planning process and that’s my coaching commitment to them. Once they put their plan in place and follow it diligently, they start to achieve.

Your planning process starts by figuring out what you want to achieve over the next twelve months and then sitting down and breaking the year into four quarters. It is well known that bite sized pieces are the best way to eat an elephant and it’s no different when it comes to planning.

Remember, to get different results this year over last, you need to change your thinking and your actions. Planning is one of the secrets to achieving your desired outcomes – coupled with strategy and commitment.

Here are a few steps to get you started on your journey to building an unbeatable plan:

  • Make a promise to yourself that the next twelve months will be different and better than the last.
  • Commit to periodically taking yourself out of your business to allow a fresh perspective and different thought pattern.
  • Take decisive action and stop procrastinating – It really isn’t as difficult as you may think.

Need a little support?

There is nothing more frustrating than floundering around without support and hoping you are on the right track.

You can keep floundering or take a step towards a better business, the first step is to contact Malcolm to chat


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