3 sales tips to help your business succeed

It’s always important to attract new clients into your spa or salon, but if that’s your sole focus, you may be missing valuable opportunities right in front of you. Using simple selling techniques with your existing clients can make an immediate difference to your business revenue and growth. I’ve put together three easy-to-follow sales tips that will put the focus on your existing clients and ultimately result in new clients coming through your door.

1. Rebooking – give your client options

Give your clients options for their re-booking date, not an option as to whether or not to rebook. For example, “Does Tuesday the 15th or Thursday the 17th work for you?” If they are unable to commit to a date (e.g. school holidays coming up, don’t have their calendar with them), you could offer to pencil them in for an appointment. You can then set Kitomba to send a reminder two weeks before the event, as well as the day before. This gives you two weeks to fill the appointment slot if they are unable to attend, but also gets them to commit to the next appointment then and there.

2. Retail – don’t leave it to the “Would you like fries with that?” approach


Re Book : Retail : Reward


Being successful in attaching retail to your services has to do with the overall approach. Always remember that you are the specialist, and that your clients are looking to you for guidance and direction on how to keep their skin healthy and looking fabulous.

The language that you use throughout the client visit is very important. For example, when you’re giving your new client their facial, it’s the perfect time to say, “We are using this new XYZ moisturiser, which is fantastic for a dry skin type.” Here, as the client, I am immediately starting to buy in to your recommendation, and it does not come as a surprise at the end. Helping your client understand how much to use, and how to apply it also goes a long way to reinforcing the fact that they should be walking out the door with this product.

3. Reward your word-of-mouth referrers

We all know that a big portion of your new business is going to come from your existing clients talking about you. Catching the right behaviours of your clients and rewarding them is key to maintaining and growing your referral network. Kitomba can look at everyone who is coming in today for the first time, and who actually referred them to your business. It’ll then automatically send your referrer a “Thank-you” email or text. It is amazing how far a simple thank-you can go in motivating your loyal clients to do more of the same. If you’re a Kitomba user already and need help setting this up, contact our support team and they’ll show you how. If you’re not using Kitomba yet, drop me an email. I’d love to learn about your business and find out how Kitomba can help you become more successful.

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