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Join Malcolm’s exclusive 3 month one-on-one coaching program designed specifically for salon owners who are tired of being stuck in the daily grind of client work and are ready to skyrocket their revenue by at least 30% within just three months.

For only $1999 Limited time offer $1699.00 , you’ll receive unlimited access to 3 months of personalised one-on-one coaching sessions with Malcolm Gibbons, New Zealand’s top salon specific business coach for over 15 years. With Malcolm’s unique blend of business expertise, salon industry experience, and proven strategies, you’ll transform your salon from chaos to control in no time.




Here’s what’s included:

Malcolm Gibbons - Salon Business Coach

  • Unleash Your Salon’s Potential:Ready to transform your hair and beauty business? Our program kicks off with a personalized deep dive! Say hello to your Tailored Business Blueprint. Together, we’ll decode your unique challenges, dreams, and goals. Malcolm, our expert strategist, will craft a bespoke roadmap, designed just for you. Let’s turn your aspirations into achievements!

    Ignite Your Salon’s Potential:

    Ready to unveil the secrets to your salon’s success? Our Comprehensive Business Health Check, curated by Malcolm leveraging 30+ years in the industry, is your key. Trusted by hundreds of salon owners, this diagnostic tool unveils your current business standing and charts the course for growth. Receive a personalized 10-point plan tailored to fuel improvement and propel your salon to new heights of success!

    Elevate Your Salon Leadership:
    Gear up for a biweekly coaching rendezvous with Malcolm, your ultimate salon ally! Experience invaluable insights, unwavering accountability, and dedicated support tailored to your business needs. From honing leadership skills to mastering team management tactics, Malcolm empowers you with the tools and wisdom to steer your salon towards unprecedented success. It’s like having a trusted business partner by your side, guiding you through every step of your journey!

    Stay Supported, Stay Ahead:
    Have pressing queries or seeking instant advice outside of sessions? We’ve got you covered with unlimited email support! Enjoy direct access to Malcolm for prompt guidance and clarity whenever you need it. Think of it as having a coach on standby—ask questions anytime, and receive the immediate assistance and support necessary to keep your salon journey on track!

    Unlock Your Salon’s Secret Arsenal:
    Welcome to our Exclusive Resource Library—a goldmine of tools, templates, and guides meticulously crafted for salon owners like you. Dive into a wealth of resources, from financial management spreadsheets to staff training modules, all tailored to streamline operations and boost profitability. No more wasting time recreating resources—they’re all prepped and primed, ready for immediate use, so you can focus on what matters most: growing your salon!

    Keep Your Salon Success on Course:

    Stay on top of your salon’s journey with ongoing performance tracking! Enjoy regular reviews to monitor progress and revel in your achievements. With Malcolm’s guidance, you’ll remain driven, motivated, and laser-focused on smashing your business goals. Remember, what gets measured gets done – this forms the foundation of our discussions, ensuring every step propels you closer to salon triumph!

    Your Success, Our Promise:

    Rest assured with our Satisfaction Guarantee—we’re committed to the transformative impact of our coaching program. Your satisfaction and results are our utmost priority, providing you with peace of mind as you embark on your salon journey. With us by your side, your success is not just a possibility, but a guarantee!




Ready to take your salon to the next level? Say goodbye to chaos and hello to control with our 3 month one-on-one coaching program!

Our Step-by-Step Process:


    • Initial triage session: Schedule a complimentary triage session to discuss your specific challenges, goals, and aspirations with Malcolm.
    • Comprehensive Business Health Check: You’ll complete Malcolm’s salon-specific business health check. We delve into your salon’s current health and base our working plan on your needs and areas for improvement.
    • Customized Action Plan: Based on the triage session and health check, Malcolm will create a tailored business blueprint outlining the steps needed to achieve your desired outcomes.
    • Bi-Weekly Coaching Sessions: Attend bi-weekly coaching sessions with Malcolm to receive personalised guidance, support, and accountability.
    • Unlimited Email/Messenger Support: Enjoy unlimited email or messenger support to get quick advice and guidance whenever you need it.
    • Access Exclusive Resources: Gain access to our exclusive resource library packed with tools, templates, and guides to support your journey.
    • Track Progress: Regularly track your progress and celebrate your wins with Malcolm during ongoing performance reviews.
    • Satisfaction Guarantee: Rest assured knowing that your satisfaction is our top priority.



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Ready to Take Control of Your Salon’s Future?

Don’t let chaos hold your salon back any longer. Invest in your success today with Malcolm’s bespoke 3 month one-to-one coaching program. Join the ranks of salon owners who have transformed their businesses from surviving to thriving.

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